6 Ways to Help Boost your Child’s Confidence


If you look back on your childhood, you will probably agree that your formative years were some of the most uncomfortable years of your life. Your body was growing in weird and uncomfortable ways and the children around you were probably not that nice, as children can be. 


If you are someone with a child, then you may have noticed that they do not feel a lot of self-confidence. This is perfectly normal, as most people that are young experience uncertainty within themselves. Though it is completely normal, it doesn’t need to be permanent. Here are 6 ways to help boost your child’s confidence.  


Be their biggest fan 

One of the best ways that you can improve the confidence of your child is by constantly reminding them that they are beautiful and they are important.  By offering them a confidence boost that they may not get from anywhere else, you will make your child feel a lot better about themselves.  

Sometimes children don’t care about the opinions of their parents because that is just how children act. In order to further improve their confidence, you could always insist that they find out if you’re pretty with this am I pretty quiz, as this may give them the boost they need. 


Help them make any changes that they want to 

If your child is uncomfortable about how they dress or certain elements of their appearance, you can help them change that. Your child’s happiness is your priority, so if they want more stylish clothes, then you should help them.  

Now, we aren’t saying that you should let your child make drastic changes to their appearance, but even little changes can make all the difference when it comes to their self-confidence. 


Get them involved in sport 

If you want your child to be more confident, get them involved in a sport. Not only will doing sports keep them healthy, but it will allow them to make friends and become more independent.  

The more that they achieve within their sporting area, the more confidence that they will become within themselves. This is because athletes often gain a lot of praise and appreciation from their coaches and teammates. 

In every sport, you need to be able to communicate well with your team and so this is a skill your child will be able to apply to the real world, which will be really useful for them in terms of building their confidence. 


Make sure they keep good company 

Though you may not notice it, the company that your child keeps may be what is lowering their confidence. Children can be cruel and even if you think they are friends with your child, they could be being mean and dragging their confidence down.  

Be sure to take notice of the way that your child is engaging with their friends, as they could be being treated poorly without you even noticing. If you do find your child is being mistreated, encourage them to find new friends or even get them to join clubs where they can. 


Give them independence  

If you make all the decisions in their life, then your child will not have the confidence to do this going forward. You need to give your child some independence to allow them to grow up and make decisions for themselves.  

They can only depend on you for so long, so giving them independence early on will allow them to prepare for the world around them.  Independence is the best gift you can offer them, as this will give them the space they need to be able to build confidence 


Handle mistakes well 

Children often make mistakes, so you can choose to get mad at them and scorn them for these mistakes or you can inform them that mistakes are no big deal and happen to everyone.  

Approaching mistakes in a positive way will allow your child to feel better in themselves and build confidence in their ability.  Even as adults, we make mistakes so if you remind your child that this is the case, then they will process any future mistakes that they may make less harshly.