Fighting Childhood Obesity: How to Encourage Your Child To Engage in a Healthier Lifestyle


In the last couple of decades, obesity within children has become an ongoing concern. Since the introduction of fantastic technology and fast food, children are spending less time being active and more time partaking in unhealthy habits. In the past, you would have to fight to get your child in at the end of the evening, but now it feels as though you have to fight to get them to put their console down and go outside for a bit.


Admittedly, as parents, we are somewhat to blame. Parenting can be exhausting and children can be overwhelming and so it is easy for us to do things that will stop our children from making a mess or being annoying. This means that we can easily give in when they ask for an unhealthy treat and it also means that we encourage them to play on their devices, just so we can have a bit of peace.


If you have noticed that your child is starting to gain weight or you are afraid that their current lifestyle may lead to them gaining weight in the future, then you may be looking for a solution. Luckily, the perfect time to start implementing good habits is during childhood, so you can help turn it around before your child becomes overweight. Here is how you can encourage your child to engage in a healthier lifestyle.


Have Designated Tech Time


One of the main reasons why children are so inactive in this day and age is because of tech. Who can blame them really, thanks to technology they have the whole world at their fingertips, so it is understandable that they would want to explore this. It can be easy for your children to spend the entire day watching TV or playing on their game console and this is a habit that you need to break.


I recommend that you allow your child to have one hour a day to play with their technology and increase or decrease this based on their behavior. If you limit the time that they are spending on their technology, they will find themselves getting easily bored. This may encourage them to head outside to play. If you talk to the parents of your child’s friends, then you could also encourage them to set the same time limits for their own children.


If the children are unable to play on their consoles at the same time, then they may meet up and play outside. This will ensure that they are staying active and healthy, all while building social relationships.


Encourage Them To Join An Active Club


With spending most of their time at school, children don’t really have a lot of time to stay active and they spend most of their day sitting in class. It is not like a child can hit the gym after a long day at school, as they are not old enough to do so.


This is why you should encourage your child to join a sports club. The clubs often meet once or twice a week and last no more than an hour, so it can easily fit around your child’s school work and general routine.


Your child may resist the idea of going to a club to stay fit, so it is important that you do not frame the activity as such. Instead focus on the fun of the activity that they will be doing, as this will encourage them to take part.


Picking a fun sport for them to take part in is the first step to ensuring that they actually go through with it and continue to attend the classes. If you have a child that loves music and loves dancing, then why not encourage them to go to a dance class. Within the orange county dance studio that I attend for my own classes, they do weekend classes specifically for children. In these classes they play modern music that your child will love, so why not get in touch and see what they have to offer?


Healthy Eating


In a world where fast food is the norm, it can be easy for us all to fall into unhealthy eating habits. Your job as a parent is to educate your children and if you are eating unhealthy food, then they will eat it too.


Instead of treating your child to a takeaway night, you should consider healthy alternatives that you can cook together. For example, instead of ordering greasy takeaway pizza, why not try making one at home with your children? They will love being able to decorate the pizza themselves and they will feel excited to eat something that they have produced.