How to Help Soothe Your Child’s Upset Tummy


Children are very susceptible to pretty much any illness. If you are someone that has a child, you are probably more than familiar with the constant complaints of pain or sickness. Is there any wonder why your child gets so sick? After all, they spend almost every day in a building surrounded by children. Let’s face it, children aren’t exactly the most hygiene-conscious people and so any illnesses get passed around like hotcakes.

One of the most frequently described and arguably one of the most frustrating sicknesses that your child can have is an upset tummy. Unlike with other illnesses, you can’t really diagnose what could be causing it. A lot of the time, you can’t even be sure that your child is even experiencing an upset tummy due to the lack of visual symptoms.

Assuming that your child is in fact struggling with an upset tummy, it can be hard to work out what the best treatment is. Don’t worry, we have a few tried and tested solutions that can help with your child’s upset tummy.


Sticking to water

Though you may not know this, one of the biggest reasons that children experience an upset tummy is due to a diet packed with sugar. Children eat a lot of food during their early development ages, so sometimes it can be hard to avoid them overeating and taking in a lot of sugar. It can also be extremely hard to stop your child from eating sugary snacks. However, one way that you can intervene and cut down on sugar is by making sure that your child only drinks liquids like water and milk. Sticking to drinks like that will settle your child’s stomach and prevent any tummy pain.

Natural remedies

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy turning to medication to treat your children, then you may often find yourself in a difficult situation. Your child may be complaining that they have a tummy ache, but is that enough to fill them with a long list of unnatural ingredients? If this is something that you often find yourself overcoming, then worry not. At any pharmacy or holistic store, you can easily find some solutions that only include completely natural ingredients. We recommend purchasing items such as multi-vitamins or turmeric capsules, these will give your child some much-needed energy and also help to deal with any unfortunate aches.

The hot water bottle method

A lot of people think that using a hot water bottle to deal with a stomach ache is nothing more than an old wives tale. However, science proves that using a hot compress in the area of pain, eg a water bottle can help to shut down the pain responses in that area. This will alleviate any pain that your child may be feeling, however, it is only a temporary solution and is only really used so that your child can comfortably sleep without being in extreme pain.