How to Introduce your Pet to Your Newborn Baby Safely


The period when you bring your new baby home is a very surreal time especially if it is your first time experiencing something like this, for many of us pets are part of the family do it is important that you take the time to properly introduce your pets to your new baby to help ensure a loving relationship is formed between them. There is no proper rule book of when and how you should do this but if you are unsure of anything I would highly recommend that you take things slowly.


A huge part of properly forming this relationship is that you will need to make it clear to your pet that the new baby is not a threat and that they should be treated just like any other member of the family, if your pet is getting too rough with your new baby then you should also work on training your pet to be a little softer in its approach when interacting with your baby. There are many things that you can do to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible but do not hesitate to do your own research to contact friends who have been through it also if you need assistance with anything.


Creating a Calm environment

When the day comes that your baby and pet are going to meet for the first time you should do everything you can to make sure the environment is calm and positive as both will pick up off of these emotions. Using lighting, music and home comforts for both your baby and pet will help to create a sense of familiarity for your pet especially which will help to keep them feeling calm when they are meeting this new person. You should stay close to your pet and baby at all times and speak to them as they meet to convey to both that everything is okay.



Your pet and baby should be under constant supervision for their first few meetings especially when your baby is at such a young age, this is not exactly dowed to your pet and I am not saying that your pet will attack your baby but until you are sure your pet is comfortable and calm around this new presence in the home I would stay with them until you are happy that they are forming a loving relationship. By making sure you are present during these interactions you are also providing your pet with a level of familiarity that will help this new meeting go smoothly as your pet should feel more comfortable when you are present.


Calming Treatments

One way that you can calm your pet down is by giving them a CBD-infused product, this may not sound safe but you will be glad to know that cbd dog treats is safe to use and that they have a number of different health benefits including calming down erratic behavior. Using CBD products with your pets is a great way that you can ensure the first meeting between your new baby and your pet goes well as any excitement or boisterous behavior will be subdued enough that they can both relax.


Ensuring That Both Baby and Pet are Happy

When anything new is happening for your pet it is important to take the time and effort to ensure that they are as happy as possible, this is very important as any negativity within both baby and pet’s moods could have a negative effect on their first interaction. You should also make sure that your baby is happy in order to avoid the nightmare scenario of a crying outburst which could also upset your pet and put them off the baby. By making sure that both are happy before and during the first meeting you are also helping to calm them down as they both feel safe and content with their surroundings.


Making an Effort to Allow regular Contact Between Baby and Pet

The final way on this list that you can make sure your newborn baby and your pet get along is to make them both a constant in each other’s lives, as is the case with anything new it will take some getting used to on both parties. However, if you want to speed up the development of their relationship you will need to find the time in the day that they can sit with each other every day. This will help the relationship to really grow to the point that they consider each other a member of the other’s family, by simply ensuring that both baby and pet are happy during said interactions it is likely that they will get along very well. This regulated contact also helps to make sure that they go on being friends as both get older.