How to Make Sure your Children Aren’t Watching Inappropriate Content


As a parent, it is normal to want to do everything that you can to stop your children from seeing inappropriate content, as the world becomes a much more multimedia place you have multiple sources of content that you must protect your children from. It is a common worry amongst parents that with the internet and the multiple devices that are owned by our children they can easily access inappropriate content that they are not ready to see, you are not being overprotective by monitoring what they are watching and you should not feel guilty for wanting to do so.


Monitoring Their Online Browsing

The great thing about technology is that there are already measures in place so that parents are able to monitor what their children are looking at on the internet, all you need to do is link your email account to your children using the parental control section of your browser and you will be sent a weekly report of the time they spent online as well as any websites they looked at. This is a great tool for parents who are worried about their children being exposed to inappropriate content online as you can clearly see what they are looking at on a weekly basis, also the fact that it tells you how much time they spent online is a great thing as it allows you to look at whether they are spending too much time on their devices and you can then implement a timing schedule for tech time.

You can also alter these parental controls as your children get older and if you feel that they are responsible enough to have more freedom with their online browsing. As your children grow into young adults you don’t want to be invasive in terms of looking at what they are browsing online so it really is a great thing that these controls can be altered to be more lenient when it is suitable.


Encouraging Your Children to Spend Less Time With Technology

One of the best ways to make sure that your children are not watching inappropriate content would have to be encouraging them to spend more time doing activities that do n0ot revolve around going online or watching videos. It can be very beneficial to both your own and your child’s physical and mental health to dedicate a few hours a day doing something healthy away from technology, your children are only going to want to play on their devices more and more as they get older so spending time with them when they are young is a great way to preserve their innocence and have some fun.


Videos and Television

It is a common worry that the content and videos your children watch on the TV and online are not suitable for their age group, with top platform Youtube being one of the most concerning streaming sites out there. The thing about Youtube is that it has turned into a huge money-making platform so it is not always clear what people’s true intentions are when they make a video, and in fact, you can actually buy real views on youtube to make it seem like you are doing better than you are. With this in mind, I would highly recommend that you put parental controls onto your child’s account so that you can make sure they are not watching things that they shouldn’t be, and that they are not being exposed to any creators whose intentions are not in the right place and their focus is on the money they can make.