Keep Your Child Away From Getting Into The Filth Of Internet- Use These Parental Tracking Softwares


A child’s curiosity often includes going beyond the available resources and exploring the external world around them. And in this era of ever-advancing technologies, the online medium is one-way children find their new world of unlimited access. The internet has almost everything that a child ever needs. Facts, information, ideas, games, music, videos, and several different kinds of stuff can keep them busy and engaged online for a long time. Keeping aside the fact that there are numerous positive sides when it comes to utilizing the internet, this is also a place where you get many wrong kinds of stuff that might be harmful to your kids mentally. It can have a deep impact on the kid’s mind at an early age. So, staying away from such content is the best possible option.

What do these inappropriate contents comprise of? And how can these affect a child’s mindset?

Sites containing contents such as; pedophiles, pornographic sites, online gambling sites, inappropriate social media contents, malware-hosting sites, inappropriate advertisements, and many more such types of contents can make your children and your privacy exposed to unknown factors within the internet. These things are most attractive in their physical appearances, and this is how they attract fellow surfers. These contents can take you to deep portals hosting kinds of stuff that might not be appropriate for minors. And this is the reason why parents should track their children’s online activities. This can be done by physically monitoring their children when they are online and guiding them through the safe ways of surfing the internet. Or they can use various online tracking software to keep track of their children’s online activities when physical ways are not always possible.

What is parental control software?

Parental control software is a type of program which restricts access to certain contents over the internet, which can be classified as adult or mature content and age-inappropriate contents. It also helps to monitor internet usages, track the device’s location and its online activities.

Below is a list of two of thebest parental control softwarethat you can use to monitor your child’s online activity. These are: –

  • Norton Family Premier – Norton has always been one of the top names in the security business, and this is the reason why their parental control software Norton Family Premier is also one of the best out there. It supports Windows, Android, and iOS-based devices. It has an extensive range of features that includes overall protection for your children. Firstly, it provides monitoring to unlimited devices for a fairly affordable price, and the interface is made very easy. There is a web profile for users to log in to the details of their children and select personalized tabs on their activity control options. Several management options are covering every type of internet usage there is. It has an efficient app management feature that monitors every app on your device, checks for any inappropriate activity within it, and blocks such activity when detected on the parental control list. Other than this, it has a time management option that specifies for how long the internet connection should remain active on which device and what time of the day. A text and call management feature monitors text messages and incoming calls coming into the machines and blocks them accordingly. It also comes with a location tracking feature that gives a detailed location history of all the devices connected to the software. Apart from these features, it also has some supervision options that control which type of videos being watched and also monitor social media statistics. It also has an efficient search history tracker that monitors your search history.  
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids – Second on the list is also one of the most famous security essentials, which are Kaspersky security, and so does Kaspersky Safe Kids, one of the best parental control software out there. This software is supported on Android, Windows PCs, Macs, and iOS-based devices. Like other parental control software, the setup is quite the same where you have to create an account and then add your children’s details in subsequent profiles. It supports up to an unlimited number of devices for complete profiles. Then apply the suitable control settings for particular devices and let the program work its charm. The main features that this application provides are: – Content filtering – this feature mainly filters out contents that are age-inappropriate from the browser or search results. This includes adult content, blood, weapons or violence-related content, unsuitable communications, social media content, profanity, and religious associations.

The program issues a warning prompt before entering such pages, and if the prompt is ignored, a notification is sent to the parent device. Application control – this application allows the user to monitor applications running in the system. If any one of these applications violates the parent control list by running something inappropriate, it simply blocks such apps. Time monitoring – this feature lets you monitor, schedule, or limits the internet’s access to the child’s device. This feature helps to schedule how long the internet connection should remain active and what part of the day. Location monitoring is one of the most remarkable features of a parent control software that monitors your children’s location history. Also, it has a unique geofencing feature that lets you track whether your child is in the given region at a given time where he is supposed to be. If not, then it sends a notification to the parent device.

You would have known that the kids ask a lot of questions. Try to answer them politely. Given above are the two of the best parent control software other than Qustodio or Net Nanny, which contains features that an ideal parental control software must include. These features can be summarized as; Application control, content filtering, Location monitoring, and time management. These features are the most basic when it comes to parental control software as it covers the most basics of what the application should perform.

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