Parenting Niche- Too Much To Discuss


There is a huge generation gap between our parents and us. They lived in an era without the internet and the dramas of high school. The parenting tips and tricks that worked for them may not work for the new generation of parents. The best thing that can be done at this point is for parents to hop on the vlogging or blogging trend and talk about the parenting niche. Discussions and talking about these niches can guide the parents to help bring up their children.

Why is it important?

We often follow what we see our elders doing. We seek up to them for guidance. Now parenting does not come with a course and syllabus. And the only people new parents can look up to for advice are their own or others around them. But that is not enough to guide through the subtle topics of parenting, which are several.

What are the parenting niches that need to be talked about?

Raising children has become more complicated at present. Even though parenting itself was never really easy, it is a job that is highly underrated yet needed for the proper functioning of society. Let us check out the parenting niche one by one:

  1. Telling your son that it is okay to cry- Often, men’s notion does not call has been the result of shaping up toxic masculinity. It would help if you did not tell your son that they should not cry no matter what age he is. Calling is a mere human reaction, and there is nothing wrong with it. Telling your kids at a young age will only result in them suffocating in their sadness when they grow up.
  2. Raising teens in the era of social media- Teenagers take up on their social media account to rant about their life instead of connecting with their parents because they feel a void. The parents can only fill this void. Parents need to take one step towards them. It will not only save your teenagers from social media pressure but will create a healthy relationship among you.
  3. Discussing your parenting failure with other parents- There is nothing to shy away from this. We are all aware it takes more than just a sweat to raise kids, and it is okay to fail at times. But ignoring those failures will not help you to improve your parenting. You need to discuss that with other parents and take their views about it. It will help you to grow as a person. You will understand other’s perspectives, and your parenting skills will improve as well.
  4. Discussing the success as well- As other parents will learn from your failure, they will learn from your success too. 
  5. Spending time with your kids- It is something quite difficult for working parents. But you need to sit down with your kids and come up with a timetable where you all can spend time with each other.  
  6. Listening to your kids- They are children; they are supposed to make mistakes, well, tons of them. Do not jump right into scolding them. Be patient and let them explain first. Listen to them and then judge their behavior. Do not scold them or use harsh words. Make them understand their faults.
  7. Keep your foul mood aside- You are a working adult, and it is understandable that if you do not have a good day or have a fight with your spouse. However, it would be best if you did not reflect that mood upon your kids. Even if you are having the worse day, try to keep a happy mood around your kids.
  8. Vacation with kids- Every kid loves spending time with their parents. Try to spend the Sundays with your kids, at least the ones younger than fourteen. 
  9. Answer to your kids- Curious minds are the first stage of intelligent minds. When your kids bombard you with questions, do not shove them away or ignore them. Answer them. If you cut their curiosity now, they will get anxious every time they need to ask a question in the future.
  10. Instead of assuming, ask- Often, parents believe their children’s behavior and come to their conclusion. In this case, kids often feel that you do not want to understand them, and they shut themselves up from you. 
  11. Take part in their creativity- you will often find kids scribbling on their paper, drawing, or writing something. Appreciate them and do not mock their acts. Take part even, ask them about their picture and where they got their inspiration from.
  12. Try resolving their parents- When your children come to you with a problem, do not send them back to their rooms. If they are panicking, make them comfortable, hear them out and try solving them. Even if they are wrong, make them understand that they feel that you are on their side.

The parenting niche should be discussed more. It not only helps the parents but the children as well. They grow up in a healthy environment. Children see their home as a secure place, away from nightmares. Parents play a significant role in making their home feel safe and secure for their children. To be a constant in your children’s lives, you need to show your involvement in them but not prying too much, that will make them push you away. You need to respect their privacy as well. Respect works both ways, you show respect to their thoughts, and they will return that to you.

All these parenting, as mentioned above, niches should be discussed more in the community. The very backbone of society is the humans that dwell in them. And you cannot raise them all by yourself. For a healthy society, cooperation is a requirement, and for that, parents should interact with each other and talk about how they individually guide their children. You can read several books on how to be a good parent, but only discussing with other parents and getting their perspective can teach you well.

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