Why You Should Let your Child Help Decorate their Room


Having a child fills your life with so many new experiences and so much joy. There is so much that you get to experience when you have a child and it is a really eye-opening experience. Many people are shocked by how much they love their child as they never thought it was possible to love anything or anyone that much. There is so much you get to do with and for your child from their first birthday, their first Christmas, their first visit to Santa, their first parents evening etc. One thing every parent loves doing is designing a room for their child to stay in once their old enough for their own space. It is something that parents spend a long time thinking about whether it’s getting your child the most comfortable bed, like the beautiful handmade to order crushed velvet beds that are available to fit any room, or the exciting part of finding your child’s favorite tv show or movie and making them a themed room based around it with plenty of fun accessories. However, it is becoming much more common for parents to let their child help in decorating their rooms, rather than designing a room for them that they think they’ll love. There are many reasons why letting your child get involved with the process is a great idea, we’ve rounded up the most compelling arguments for why you should allow your child to help.


Will it help me to set boundaries with my child?


Setting boundaries with your children is really important, whilst you shouldn’t make all of your child’s decisions for them and you shouldn’t dictate everything that they do, but your child should know that you’re in charge. This is a great way in a fun environment to set boundaries with your child, they’ll be involved in the decorating process but they won’t have free rein to do whatever they want. This is a good way to practice shutting down an idea that your child has that you don’t agree with, without it turning sour. But make sure you’re considering what ideas you’re shutting down and remember at the end of the day, the room should be a reflection of your child and what they want it to be like, not what you think they should want it to be like.


Will it help my child to be a better decision maker?


This is one thing that every parent worrys about as their child is growing up, when your child eventually does leave, you want to know that when they’re gone, they’re going to be ok making big life decisions. A good way to ensure this is to allow them to start making decisions for themselves whilst they’re young, even if it is just decisions like decorating their room. By allowing them the space to make their own decisions, they’ll be getting into good habits like taking time to consider all the viable options before making a decision and not just jumping into the first thing they think of. Your child knows that they have to live in the room so they’ll know it is in their best interest to really consider their options. It will also show them that once you make a final decision, it is pretty serious and they will realize that they can’t easily change their mind once a decision has been made, which again will help them to consider things properly when making a decision.


Will it help to me to bond with and understand my child?


The best bonding exercises you can do with your children are ones that are enjoyable for you both. Designing a room together is definitely a great bonding exercise as you will be working on something fun together that your child will enjoy the end result of. Your child is also being given independence and is allowed to be creative so they will have a fantastic time and love you for allowing them to do so. It will also help you to understand your child more as you’ll be able to tell a lot about how they are thinking and feeling based on the things that they choose from their room. Many experts in child behavior have said that this is one of the best ways to check on your child’s development and ensure they’re growing up as they should. For example, if a 5-year-old child is decorating their room with teddies from children’s shows and playing with them, they’re acting the way they should, but this could be a red flag is an 11-year-old child is acting in this way. Or if your 5-year-old is choosing things that aren’t age appropriate it will be a good way to notice this and figure out where the bad influence is coming from.